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Media Hits of the 2011 Holiday Season

31 Dec

Social Media HolidaysIt’s the last day of 2011! Happy holidays to all and hope you enjoy today. And thank you Jenn Seeley, my coworker – we worked together the last workday of 2011 and it was productive (and fun)! 

It’s true that the  holidays are a great time for high-quality television spots, Facebook promotions and insightful Twitter chats. Here are some of my favorite media moments this holiday season.

Holiday Commercials

  • Blackberry Bold “Night Bikes” – It may not be holiday-esque, but it’s just so dramatic and awe-inspiring. It’s a great concept and plays up the product well.
  • Apple iPhone 4S “Santa” – It seems like a perfect fit to have Santa talk to Siri for his holiday deliveries. The use of product and tie to the season is great, plus it makes you giggle.

YouTube Videos

  • Epic Meal Time “Bacon Tree” – One of my favorite YouTube series but moreover, it’s got bacon and the holiday spirit. Don’t worry, the bacon tree is only ~216,000 calories.
  • Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages “Official Hanukkah Song” – What better way to learn about Hanukkah than with a mashup of rock hits rewritten with the story of this special holiday? Got to love the Jews dancing around!
  • Keiler & Co “A Goldberg Christmas” – Great video done by my friends at Keiler and Company. Basically it’s a complicated way of putting a red nose on a reindeer, bleeps and all.

Note I also have to plug our Radian6 Community Team holiday video. Fun times with a great group of coworkers!

Facebook Promos

  • Best Buy – Not only do they have great deals on Facebook, but there are new deals each day to keep fans coming back. Plus it’s engaging with voting for special fan-based offers.
  • Walmart – Instead of selling, it’s about giving on their Facebook page. They highlight those that received grants from this retail mecca. It’s heartwarming and holiday focused.

Twitter Chats

  • Pinterest Chat (#pinchat) – Fridays at 10pm ET – Great holiday ideas, featured pins, etc. and a booming chat as it grows, grows, grows!
  • Blog Chat (#blogchat) – Sundays at 9pm ET – Super popular Twitter chat moderated by Mack Collier, covering the how-tos for a successful blog. It’s a great way to swing back into the impending work week too.
  • PPC Chat (#ppcchat) – Hosted by Matt Umbro, this chat is all about enhancing your paid search program. I find it interesting from an SEO an advertising perspective. One of their recent chats was all about using PPC for the holidays.

Stay on top of the ever-changing Twitter chat schedule with this Google doc.

The holidays are a time for sharing, connecting and reflecting and social media is the perfect outlet to take on such endeavors. What are some inspirational media moments that you’ve experienced this holiday?

4 Sharable Social Media Video Series

7 Dec

As social media surrounds our lives, we begin to lean on it for entertainment. With popularity and the ease of accessibility using such avenues as YouTube channels, FunnyorDie’s search queries and Google video search, many videos are turning into online series.

While we’re still television fans, my husband and I enjoy watching online video series because we’re in control. We can watch them when we want and how we want via our iPhones, iPads, computers or AppleTV. The ability to tune into these shows at any moment creates a stronger connection to them. Also, I can share them. No more remembering the names of shows and the times they’re on. It’s just a link away.

These are some of our favorites online shows, with new episodes sometimes as frequently as weekly.

You may recognize some of these as they are repetitively shared. Some have a brand behind them while others are generated by people like you and me. No matter what, they all create an entertaining outlet and we enjoy watching the different videos and sharing them with others.

What types of videos to do share with your friends and family? Do online video series interest you? Do you think social media enhances the spread of videos?


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