Being Multi-Faceted

Why are multi-faceted campaigns so successful? Here’s my educated-yet-still-writing-the-scientific-algorithmic guess.

It really is a “big idea.”

The good ideas are the ones with legs. It can work in any medium…with any headline…within any media budget…for years at a time. That’s when strategy and creative approach blend to concoct a brainchild.

It’s reaching you in multiple ways.

The consistency of a campaign that speaks to you where you eat, sleep, work, breath and live (wow, this sounds Big Brother-ish) can ultimately enact change. For me, I’m always looking for the next way it will be executed.

It catches your attention.

If you’re experiencing a message over and over in different places (during your happy, Modern Family moment and your troubled, sitting-in-traffic moment), and maybe it’s just me (entrenched in media), but you notice it. You realize a connection. Experiencing that enough could make you a believer.

When working with Clients, it’s great to partner and create multi-media campaigns. Don’t get me wrong, managing it is a ton of work. One edit affects all executions. Not to mention the amount of creative and strategic brainpower it takes to give birth to this brilliant idea. But it’s worth it. After all, you’re implementing something that does its best to reach your audience and meet Client expectations. And when that happens, it’s magical.

That’s a topline.


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