A Media Mix

It’s not like I haven’t written before. I probably have 30 notebooks full of short stories dating back to 1995 (I was 14). Then there’s my unpublished manuscript which I wrote during a college fellowship and my English minor. I enjoy writing enough to keep submitting said manuscript despite being rejected 11 times by publishers. Young Adult fiction has a place for me. Sorry publishers, I’m not going away.

So why is this my first post?

A Media Mix was a long time coming. Call it a wrinkle in my brain for the past five years. I fostered it as I grew my advertising career. I crafted my craft. I found I was intrigued by the success of multiple mediums working together to deliver ROI. And for the past five years, I’ve focused there. But lately, social media and microblogging has captured my attention. After all, social media is popular not only in the advertising world but as a part of every person I know. And so, A Media Mix was born. It’s a place for:

  • Sharing the love and awesomeness of multi-media campaigns’ effectiveness
  • Microblogging in a full-fledge blog (should be interesting)
  • Sneaking in creative writing tidbits
  • Infusing my life because, after all, my hilarious husband and brainy border collie are very entertaining
  • Creating bullet points

Let’s do this.


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