Since we bought our house late last year, we’ve been using our wood stove constantly. There’s nothing like a fire that’s cozy enough to curl up near yet warm enough to wear a t-shirt in December. And so, the wood stove became our mecca and go-to heat utility. That is, until we ran out of wood.

I’m know we’re not alone. Wood stoves are popular across America and wood is prevalent. Who hasn’t seen a salvageable dead tree ripe for the taking? Yet people (including me) pay for seasoned wood by the cord.

Move now to social media. This is a place where people share what they see, hear, feel, taste and know at every moment. There lies the opportunity. Why can’t wood be social? We can utilize the tools we have to save each other money. Post the wood spotting, which then enables someone to retrieve it before it rots. Understanding there is the minutia to keep in mind (private property, accessibility, etc.), there is the ability to merge two great things – the outdoors with social media. This idea has been done before – take geocaching for example – but not in this way. This is an opportunity to:

  • Help people be efficient with their heat source
  • Utilize the outdoors
  • Share

This all ties back to the idea that social media is not going away because the opportunities within it are so vast. We’re just taking the first few logs in the ginormous wood pile we call new media.


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