Florida, I’m coming your way.

The husband and I are planning a spontaneous camping trip to Florida. As a Type A account planner, I admit, the word “spontaneous” is not in my vocabulary. But with this smartphone society, there’s really no such thing as “spontaneous” anymore. And that’s why I’m okay with this trip. Here’s a perfect example:

The Florida State Parks iPhone App

This app is crammed with photos, videos, slideshows, GPS directions, comments and maps covering the entire state. Anywhere we want to camp, hike, picnic, geocache, take photos, explore…well, you get the idea…it’s got opportunities.

This app was made in 2010 by @sandrafriend, a Floridian with intense knowledge of the parks in her state. It covers all 160 state parks and more than 1,700 images (with free updates so it’s hardly outdated).

I’m a big UGC fan and I appreciate how user comments rule this app. It keeps it fresh and credible.

Oh, and while I’m more of the free-app-downloading type, this is worth the $2.

Check it out.

What does this all mean? It’s not just about aiding in the revelation of my inner spontaneity. Technology continues to be a part of our lives and craft who we are and how we live. And so, I’m taking this technology on vacation with me.


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