You may say I’m overly inspired. I get it from friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and nearly every website I visit. And so, I’ve recently been inspired to write about the blogs that inspire me.

Onextrapixel certainly showcases web treats, as it alludes. This weblog touts the most relevant and unique websites. The site was started in Singapore by inspiration-hungry web designers and developers. But even if you’re not in that camp (like me), there are tons of sexy sites featured here to make even those with souls of custard think twice. In addition, there are tips and tutorials so the left-brained are not left out.


Brandflakes for Breakfast, created by CT-based interactive firm, Humungo, spoons out the tasty information on the web and feeds it to readers on a daily basis. The posts are short and to the point with links to more information.  I highly recommend following these bloggers on Twitter – @darrylohrt & @kdel713.


ePromos Promotional Products could easily do the blog thing incorrectly (aka lame sales tool pushing product). However, their approach calls out unique, successful promotional ideas (outside of their own) that serve as a great place for marketers to be inspired. The posts are relevant too (already showcasing promo items from SXSW) and told through videos, pictures and easy-to-read posts. I only wish they posted more often, but then again, great promotional case studies are few and far between.


Inspired yet?







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