The Internet had a mini heart attack yesterday. Netflix was down.

For a growing population, Cable is no longer a household item. Its impending doom to the land of VCRs and boomboxes is due to Netflix and the Internet. But all was awry when Netflix was down for nearly two hours. A PC Magazine report said it was due to a ‘rare technical isssue’ but the true cause is still unknown.

While Netflix-dependent users spewed their dissatisfaction all over the Internet last night (with Twitter and Facebook as the common barf bag), I was interested in what the Netflix brand would do about this situation. When they say there’s no such thing as bad PR, I don’t believe it (hello O.J. Simpson) but what I do believe is taking advantage of these center-stage moments for the good of your brand.

Netflix felt the same way.

Within 24 hours of the incident, affected customers received an apology email with a 3% credit toward their next bill.

Instead of waiting for my angry call, they proactively faced the issue head on and offered a solution. So while I was perturbed for a moment, I’m happy again. The point is simple. Support your brand by addressing issues and communicating. Be proactive and there will be less Internet vomit. Let’s clean it up.


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