I’m writing from Tybee Island, GA and you probably haven’t heard of it. I hadn’t. But when it came to stopping somewhere on our spontaneous camping road trip, we happened to land on a place so tiny it could barely fit our 27-foot trailer. Picture a Cape Cod/Myrtle Beach hybrid zapped by the electromagnetic shrink ray from Honey I Shrunk the Kids.


However, it’s wild to admit that this island is not too small four Foursquare. After all, a year ago I would have created nearly every location and been the mayor of most of them. The only capability would have been touting my many beach and restaurant stops and earning the Great Outdoors badge. And while I admit I still enjoy these features (especially my recent badge), Foursquare has changed for the better.

Today, there are 22 “specials” on this island. Everywhere I go, at least four people have checked in there too. Every location has a mayor.

But the “for the better” aspect is more than its growth in popularity. Foursquare’s new “explore” feature has quickly transformed me from newbie Tybee tourist to island-navigating native as it has provided me with an arsenal of tips and photos to nearby restaurants, beaches and shops. I’m choosing my own adventure with minimal sweat to the brow. The Foursquare 3.0 update, which occurred a few weeks ago, gives you what you need on request. Quoted from Foursquare’s blog, “Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find something nearby.” Perfect.

In simple terms, Foursquare surrounds my vacation experience and I embrace it because it makes the trip easier. Plus, my friends still get to hear about me sipping margaritas on the beach. Cheers to that.


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