A recent tweet from Webshots (@webshotstweets) spurred this post. After all, this website thanked me for posting pictures on their site. I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t spend much time there at all. But I did share their link to my photos on Twitter, which was a surefire (yet unintentional) way for Webshots to get free exposure. And so, Webshots put out their interactive hand and I shook it.

Two days after this post:

I was mentioned in this post:

No freebies. No immediate response. So what? Read between the tweet. It wasn’t sell-y. It wasn’t generic. The post had substance and was specific to my photos. It’s like a friend wrote this. And social media is all about connections online – people not companies. One strong way for a company to meet this trend is to be human. To relate.

This wasn’t Old Spice or Dell or any other brand that has moved social media mountains. In school, Webshots might be a B+ student sitting in the middle row somewhere complacent. But everyone deserves a shout out, especially when they’re making the right moves. Keep listening. Soon, you’ll move to the head of the class.


2 thoughts on “Movers and Shakers

  1. Hi Amanda,

    We are thrilled that our Tweet inspired your post! At Webshots, we love to reach out and communicate with our members wherever they are. We’ll keep reading your blog and look for more photos from you, too.


    Jessica, Webshots Community Manager

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