Community Insights – Radian6 Social 2011 Conference

The Pacific Grand Ballroom at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, a 10,744 sq ft massive space, was quickly filled with hundreds of social media players humming tunes of interest and excitement amidst glowing smartphone, tablet and laptop screens. A community had formed. And once Marcel Lebrun started speaking (CEO of Radian6), community was demonstrated.

“Community is the essence of what we believe in. We walk the talk about listening and engaging with customers,” said Marcel in regards to Radian6. His excitement to announce the upcoming Radian6 product was apparent and infectious.

Before the product was revealed, Marcel discussed the social medium and how it can change the world. After all, it has a bigger reach than TV. It has a longer lifespan. Most of all, social propagates through a network of trust. That’s invaluable. It’s the angle to use when talking to traditional-media clients. Don’t get me wrong, traditional media is valuable (I’ll discuss this in a later post) but social may soon out-perform it. It already does when it comes to engagement. Perhaps that is the angle to take to make an impact and get a client to invest in this space. Or at least entertain the idea.

The Salesforce acquisition was then mentioned in a welcoming, delightful manner. (Learn more about that here.)

On to the product announcement. And it looks awesome.

Radian6 revealed their new Insights platform – a concoction of multiple technology companies that can network together to shed light on social media results. In other words, the Radian6 dashboard platform can now read deeper into the social space and understand the meaning behind the tags. Not to mention its ability to process all of this at a mind-blowing pace.

This is going to make life easier in my agency world. Instead of culling through content to gauge sentiment manually (although I do enjoy the River of News), I can soon let the tool do that for me and relay that information. What was the most popular band at SXSW? Boom. Here you go, Amanda.

Then, we met the panel. The group of men working for the different insight providers to make this semantic plumbing of social technology flow to its fixtures. Amazing. They included Matt Thompson, VP at Klout, Tom Tague from OpenCalais, key Radian6 players and Mark Redgrave from Open Amplify. All were excited and eager to speak about their role in the process of turning this idea into reality. They were a community of like-minded thinkers working to make social media reporting and analysis an easier game to play.

I was also the guest blogger at this conference. This post and others can be viewed at You’ll find more awesome photos from Day 1 of Social 2011 here.


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