I’m originally from the outskirts of New York City but I’m a Connecticut girl now. I had my chance to live in one of the wildly-beating ventricles of the New York heart, but I chose the woodsy, rural lifestyle instead. So when it was time to travel to NY for a television shoot, I was ready to pack my bags and head to my old home. Hello, old friend.

There’s much to see in a city where I don’t make eye contact. Instead of looking at pedestrians, I took in the beautiful buildings and the quaint shops. I played the “name that smell” game — which has its downsides but I skirted that — and filled my senses with baked goods, cooked meats and freshly-planted flowers. While I worked nearly 30 hours in the three days I was there, I still had moments like these, which I cherished.

But there’s more. I experienced a perfect concoction. It was the city excitement mixed with my love for nature. It’s called the High Line.

No, these aren’t mine. I’m not that good. Image source: http://www.thehighline.org/

Located on the lower west side, the High Line was originally a series of elevated railroad tracks for freight trains in the 1930s. It was abandoned and nature took over as vegetation grew and enveloped the structure. But instead of being torn down, it was turned into a walkway with beautiful landscaping, amazing artwork, seating, lighting and unique features I’ve never seen before. The original aspects of it remain intact – the steel structure, the railroad tracks, the natural growth, etc. But with the addition of art and architecture, the experience is simply breathtaking. Not to mention the views of the river.

There is a media side to this as well. The High Line project, spearheaded by people of the city, created a great website full of ways to help including donating, shopping and volunteering. Their Twitter handle (@highlinenyc) is pretty active and keeps followers posted on the latest developments.

I hadn’t heard of the High Line before and I think it would be a great way to attract nature-thirsty people like me. Perhaps there could be ways to tout this project outside of the city such as utilizing paid search and social media campaigning.  Getting more people aware of the High Line could increase donations to the cause.

The High Line is a work in progress. More of it is yet to open which excites me to come back and experience it again. This time, I’d love to bring the husband. Learn more, donate or join the cause here: http://www.thehighline.org/


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