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The Journey to Creative Brief Tweets

My creative brief writing skills are comparable to the Energizer Bunny. I keep going and going and working and working but I rarely reach a destination. I'm a constant work in progress. Lately though, some recent creative brief webinars, seminars and communication campaigns have been at my heels. I need to land somewhere. And soon.… Continue reading The Journey to Creative Brief Tweets

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Breaking Through in Traditional Form

As the continent of Facebook gets more crowded with bustling inhabitants and Twitter's constant hum of blasts grow deafeningly loud, breaking through as an individual is tough. That is, unless you're James Tate and you want to go to prom. My father, a non-member of Tate's 200,000 Facebook fans, is an on-the-cusp Baby Boomer from… Continue reading Breaking Through in Traditional Form


Inspirations of the World

By now, we've established that I'm a nerd, especially when it comes to media and advertising. No shame in calling that one out. So when I was thinking about the inspirations that gas up my nerd brain, one site in particular has recently served as my routine station of nerd-enriched supply. Ads of the World… Continue reading Inspirations of the World

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A Blog Post All About Facebook

I've been on Facebook for two years now (a newbie in my generation's terms) and have yet to demonstrate my insights here. How could I not write about a site that I share with more than 500 million people, that has more than 30 billion pieces of content shared (links, notes, photos, etc.) and 700… Continue reading A Blog Post All About Facebook