Blogging about Blogs

When I got a gig to guest blog for a local Connecticut website,  East Haddam-Haddam Patch, I was buzzing. Now I had a unique opportunity to write about my state of choice from my perspective. I would be among friends in this credible, news-worthy, niche space.

As I started to write there, I realized something. Just like an advertising campaign delivers a specific message to a certain audience, each blog has its own target. Creating a blog that’s multi-pronged, widespread or diverse will ultimately result in a confused and somewhat distance audience.

Think about it. You go to ESPN for sports, right? The same rule applies here – you go to a blog for specific content. The best blogs are the focused blogs. It doesn’t mean posts can’t borderline your theme at times. That adds character. As long as you stay within the confines of this invisible fence, you can welcome an appealing blog (and avoid being zapped).

If you’re like me, sticking to one spot is tough. I want to graze around my field of interests. That’s when multiple blogs come into play. Defining each one creates an outlet for each topic. You are a Crayola box with unique, organized colors within. However, the more blogs you own, the more you juggle. And that’s where there’s a greater chance for one to drop. Imagine managing multiple blogs like you do your social networks. It gets crazy checking Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. So while the need to specification is crucial for a righteous audience, segmenting too much will be completely unmanageable (unless you’re doing this for a living or you have nothing better to do, or both).

Here are some ways I’m making it work.

  • Have a personal blog but also guest blog. In addition to your own space, write for another website’s blog. You may need to beef up your own blogger stature before you venture out, but once you do, you’ll be enveloped in another site for some great writing and exploring opportunities.
  • Have a personal blog and also ghost blog. Here, you’re writing under someone else so your identity is not exposed. That may sound a little discrete, but it’s a good place for novices to dip a toe in the sea of social writing.
  • Consider a blogging tool like WordPress to help you manage multiple blogs from one place (their iPhone app is great for this).

Ready to get out there and write? After all, you can even blog about blogs.


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