My creative brief writing skills are comparable to the Energizer Bunny. I keep going and going and working and working but I rarely reach a destination. I’m a constant work in progress. Lately though, some recent creative brief webinars, seminars and communication campaigns have been at my heels. I need to land somewhere. And soon.

I know I’ll never perfect it. Much like cooking a good meal, perfection is impossible and the experience is ever changing. But I’m not looking for that when I (rarely) cook nor am I looking for impeccability when I write a brief. A brief is about inspiring. It’s concise and clear. It’s delicious. Can I make it happen?

In my recent journey through the thick forest of creative brief triumph, I kept going back to one word: Brief. I believe that’s the hardest part of writing this document. Once the key takeaways, messaging, audience, goals, tone and other good stuff are determined, it’s crucial to keep it concise in order to clearly deliver these nuggets. It’s like a tweet. If a brief can be as boiled down as a tweet, then we can package our stories in tight, little, effective bundles.

I’ve started thinking this way as I work to pull the batteries of out that Energizer Bunny. I will land somewhere and it will be synoptic and motivating.

Here we go.

Share your tricks to writing successful creative briefs.


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