Jen, aka @sophieandlili, is a trendy, doll-making, advice-giver with more ideas than sewing needles. She  introduced me to the highly-addicting world of Pinterest. (Thanks for the new obsession, Jen. At least it spawned a pretty blog post.)

It all stemmed from wanting to design my home office. I started a Google doc and shared it with my husband. We went back and forth sharing photos and links through it. It was not the most intuitive measure but I felt I wasn’t exactly acting prehistoric. I was using Google docs, after all.

But Jen showed me a much better way with a social spin. It’s and according to the site’s co-founder Ben Silbermann, it’s  “a personal version of Cool Hunting.”

Their mission: make Pinterest the best place for you to share your taste with the world.

Consider it a virtual mood board for all aspects of your life. You “pin” things from around the Internet to collect and share — home decor, wedding inspiration, clothing, border collie stuff. You can proudly be an Internet garbage picker (but a trendy one!). As the site says, “You name it, people are pinning it.”

Suddenly my home office is taking shape and I’m sharing my vision with followers from Twitter and beyond. My home office is becoming a public display of personality, creativity and taste. No more private Google docs.

My “For the Home” Pinterest Mood Board

Social bookmarking is nothing new. But the idea and packaging of the site is critical for success. This site’s nuance lies in its creativity. It is a platform that is unique and creative for unique and creative individuals. Not to mention how it’s a breeding ground for repeat visitation and new follower growth. For now, it is a space of untouchable uniqueness. But we always have the opportunity to create something new and (p)interesting.


4 thoughts on “My Pinteresting Obsession

  1. Thanks for sharing this, it appears to have what I love about VodPod but not just for videos (if you don’t know VodPod they are worth an obsession as well, you can create playlists from videos hosted pretty much anywhere online from any platform). A great tool for bloggers who want to curate media for their readers around a topic ; )

    Looking forward to your keynote at the Hartford Business Journal Social Media Summit in October. Cheers,

    Lisa Niedermeyer
    New Business Director
    Miceli Productions HD

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