It has been a few weeks since Google Plus came into our lives. All fresh and new to the world, many of us eagerly opened our browsers for the opportunity to be part of the newest social media endeavor.

Since early July, I’ve nurtured +Amanda. I’ve fed it links and photos, shared stories, thoughts and updates with it, and invited others to do the same. It’s worked its way into my daily social media mix, taking a piece of my time from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. While not first in line (Twitter is my number one), it’s hanging in second place with Facebook following right behind.

My vote: Yes, I do enjoy Google Plus. There’s no character limit. You don’t have to accept people before they follow you. It’s free and they don’t taunt you with premium upgrade options. With circles, you can organize your feed any way you’d like and post to certain groups. It’s a secure site! And, not to mention, it’s Google. Not only is this a new and exciting venture, but it’s coming from a very familiar place. Here are some ways I’m using the social site:

  • Since posts and comments are editable, I might write something and then go back and update that post. For instance, someone asked me a question. I wrote, “Let me check and get back to you.” Once I had the answer, I edited that comment with the new information.
  • I am trained to use one feed that spits out everything from everyone s0 it’s tough for me to break into circles. Right now, I have one giant circle. I want the full Google Plus experience so my plan is to break them out. Plus, that just makes sense. (Feel free to share your circle breakouts – I need ideas!)
  • I don’t bookmark Google Plus because I can easily access it from my Gmail, Google Docs or while I’m searching on Google. It’s integrated so well that it is attached to everything I do in the Google environment.

Since there have been a boatload of Google Plus blog posts recently, I pulled my favorites:

  • Koozi gives an overview of the platform as well as insights from an SEO perspective.
  • Chris Brogan has a few posts about Google Plus but this one is my favorite. It’s all about blogging with the social site.
  • Marcy Massura looks at the opportunity of photo sharing in Google Plus.
  • Geoff Livingston provides an overview and addresses the challenge of yet another social network.

Now it’s your turn. Share your thoughts. Add me to your circle. Or if you haven’t joined and need an invite, comment below and I’ll send one along. Are you on the Google Plus bus?


6 thoughts on “Yep, I’m on the Google Plus Bus

  1. Having watched ‘The Social Network’ and seeing the portrayed resistance (adamant at times) to anything that wouldn’t be considered ‘cool’ I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is probably what it was like early on for Facebook invitees.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly enjoying the cleanliness of it all, but what I believe we’re seeing here is the bait. Once the hook is set and Google feels more at ease with incorporating a revenue generating apparatus I wonder how much different it will be from what we now know as Facebook.

    Despite that, in the end I see myself being more comfortable here than on FB and eventually leaving FB altogether. The saving grace for me is the integration it has with other Google offerings which I use frequently. Not everyone feels that way and a lot of what I see on other blogs is a reference to Google being the next evil empire along with Microsoft, Apple and other industry giants.

    1. I completely agree with your thoughts on Facebook. If Google Plus make it, I may find myself leaving Facebook for it. After all, I likely won’t be able to manage all these different social media sites effectively for an extended period of time. Here are some other great posts along your same line of thinking (and I think you know one of them):

      “Don’t Be Evil” – Google+ and the Monopolization of Your Online Persona
      Beware the Google Plus Experts

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