iPad2I recently got an iPad2 and it inspired today’s post. To me, this technological beast captured in a 7.31″ x 9.5″ metal frame is an impressive definition of technology and connection. It’s worth writing about.

We all know that technology has increased the capability to communicate, share and connect. But with more platforms available each day, our communication vehicles are like a growing sea of jellyfish with vastly-extending tentacles. Where do you start?

The tablet adds a sense of excitement to connecting. With a large screen, intuitive interactivity and a slew of applications, it truly makes for a fun technology experience.

The social aspect of the iPad is endless. The high-rated social media applications for Twitter, Facebook and Chatter are intuitive and beautiful in their design. Plus, the aggregating apps that meld these platforms together, such as Flipboard and MyPad, make it easy to catch up on the social scene from one place.

It seems like my laptop has gained 20lbs! This tablet is light and slim and with the addition of a bluetooth keyboard and case, you have suddenly created a streamlined laptop with touch screen capabilities. Sorry Macbook.

News and information sites such as Weather.com and USA Today give you everything you need right from the initial screen with brilliant pictures and simple navigation.

And don’t get me started on the games. Words with Friends, Solitaire and Angry Birds have never been this fun!

I am a huge fan of trying new things (I recently ate fried grasshopper) and the iPad is another great showcase of how technology continues to be awe-inspiring. Try something new.

And the fried grasshopper wasn’t that bad.

What other technology influences communication? Is the iPad the best form? Share your ideas.


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