Social Buy-In with Video

While the second wave of social media adapters are filling the circles of Google Plus, saturating the streams of Twitter, and dedicating working hours in the cloud, there are many businesses still on the ground. These businesses are aware of the social media movement happening in their absence and they see the success it often brings to other organizations. But they may not understand the value for their own business model. And before they take that initial step, whether it’s a toe in the water or a full-on high dive, the value should be clear and owned.

My husband makes videos for a living. His work tells stories through the eager eye of a camera lens. And whether that story is a corporate showcase of quarterly earnings or a car chase of broadcast quality, it is a powerful engine as it delivers information to hungry seekers. I am inspired by this concept. Can video help businesses understand the value of social media?

My digging began. It didn’t take long before I found some amazing examples of video content that demonstrates social media value. And I’m not talking about videos capturing presentations or prerecorded webinars. The social web is an open forum for creativity. Here’s the proof.

Industry analyst, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, narrates a series of videos about the impact of social media on businesses and ROI.



This may be a few years old, but the general concept is the same. Commoncraft developed this video about social media and the power of communities.



Created by Radian6, this story-tale format demonstrates the impact of social media on an organization. But moreover, it dives into the importance of listening.



Do videos help you with buy-in? How so? Share your ideas.


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