4 Sharable Social Media Video Series

As social media surrounds our lives, we begin to lean on it for entertainment. With popularity and the ease of accessibility using such avenues as YouTube channels, FunnyorDie’s search queries and Google video search, many videos are turning into online series.

While we’re still television fans, my husband and I enjoy watching online video series because we’re in control. We can watch them when we want and how we want via our iPhones, iPads, computers or AppleTV. The ability to tune into these shows at any moment creates a stronger connection to them. Also, I can share them. No more remembering the names of shows and the times they’re on. It’s just a link away.

These are some of our favorites online shows, with new episodes sometimes as frequently as weekly.

You may recognize some of these as they are repetitively shared. Some have a brand behind them while others are generated by people like you and me. No matter what, they all create an entertaining outlet and we enjoy watching the different videos and sharing them with others.

What types of videos to do share with your friends and family? Do online video series interest you? Do you think social media enhances the spread of videos?


3 thoughts on “4 Sharable Social Media Video Series

  1. I just watched that #btwn2ferns episode. Hilarious. “If you were to do, like, my percentage of body fat versus your percentage of how much your nose weighs, I guarantee your nose per capita weighs more than what I weigh.” I totally need to keep up with this one more.

    1. Have you seen that show before? It’s hilarious. I think humor goes a long way with an online series. You can make funny moments in short snip-its and online video is the perfect outlet for that.

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