Social Media HolidaysIt’s the last day of 2011! Happy holidays to all and hope you enjoy today. And thank you Jenn Seeley, my coworker – we worked together the last workday of 2011 and it was productive (and fun)! 

It’s true that the  holidays are a great time for high-quality television spots, Facebook promotions and insightful Twitter chats. Here are some of my favorite media moments this holiday season.

Holiday Commercials

  • Blackberry Bold “Night Bikes” – It may not be holiday-esque, but it’s just so dramatic and awe-inspiring. It’s a great concept and plays up the product well.
  • Apple iPhone 4S “Santa” – It seems like a perfect fit to have Santa talk to Siri for his holiday deliveries. The use of product and tie to the season is great, plus it makes you giggle.

YouTube Videos

  • Epic Meal Time “Bacon Tree” – One of my favorite YouTube series but moreover, it’s got bacon and the holiday spirit. Don’t worry, the bacon tree is only ~216,000 calories.
  • Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages “Official Hanukkah Song” – What better way to learn about Hanukkah than with a mashup of rock hits rewritten with the story of this special holiday? Got to love the Jews dancing around!
  • Keiler & Co “A Goldberg Christmas” – Great video done by my friends at Keiler and Company. Basically it’s a complicated way of putting a red nose on a reindeer, bleeps and all.

Note I also have to plug our Radian6 Community Team holiday video. Fun times with a great group of coworkers!

Facebook Promos

  • Best Buy – Not only do they have great deals on Facebook, but there are new deals each day to keep fans coming back. Plus it’s engaging with voting for special fan-based offers.
  • Walmart – Instead of selling, it’s about giving on their Facebook page. They highlight those that received grants from this retail mecca. It’s heartwarming and holiday focused.

Twitter Chats

  • Pinterest Chat (#pinchat) – Fridays at 10pm ET – Great holiday ideas, featured pins, etc. and a booming chat as it grows, grows, grows!
  • Blog Chat (#blogchat) – Sundays at 9pm ET – Super popular Twitter chat moderated by Mack Collier, covering the how-tos for a successful blog. It’s a great way to swing back into the impending work week too.
  • PPC Chat (#ppcchat) – Hosted by Matt Umbro, this chat is all about enhancing your paid search program. I find it interesting from an SEO an advertising perspective. One of their recent chats was all about using PPC for the holidays.

Stay on top of the ever-changing Twitter chat schedule with this Google doc.

The holidays are a time for sharing, connecting and reflecting and social media is the perfect outlet to take on such endeavors. What are some inspirational media moments that you’ve experienced this holiday?


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