What Social Media Teaches us about Self Hypnosis

I’m learning more and more about self hypnosis, meditation and relaxation as my pregnant belly grows and the indubitable labor approaches. With tools in hand, such as self hypnosis and relaxation, you can use your mind to get through challenging or discomforting times. And that makes you feel more prepared. At least, it does for me.

But how does social media play a role?

Social media and self hypnosis are practically one in the same. Self hypnosis is about focusing and leaving certain thoughts behind. As we scroll through our Facebook and Twitter feeds, we almost forget the world around us. We become engulfed in this pocket of social conversations, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Think about it.

How often do you start on Facebook and end up at some website that came from a video that came from a friend of a friend’s wall? We get so entrenched that we don’t know how we got to the final destination, how long we’ve spent on the social site and why we came there in the first place. That’s a dose of self hypnosis.

This is nothing new. In fact, we are in a self-hypnotic state quite often. At work, we become so focused that we lose track of time and even forget where we are. We’re dedicated and honing in on the task at hand. That’s self hypnosis and the social media experience is no different.

What can we do about it? Embrace it. After all, it’s a great way to keep your mind off the more discomforting stuff. I like Flipboard because I can cater my social media viewing experience to things like peaceful Instagram photos with an effortless swipe.

Do you agree that you can learn a few things about self hypnosis through social media? Share your thoughts.


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