iPhone Shopping Group
iPhone Shopping Group

Online shopping is nothing new and neither are LTOs (Limited Time Offers). Even social media is becoming the norm. But combine the three? Now your have a recipe that’s as hot and mouth watering as the taste of fresh foie gras at your favorite french restaurant.

Here are 10 examples of this deadly triple treat, leading to why brick and mortar is becoming a distant memory.

  1. Modcloth – Affordable, indie and retro all in the same site. They often have contests and prizes through Twitter and Facebook plus great deals on their already inexpensive wear.
  2. ShopStyle – An aggregator site that saves a lot of web-browsing time. Just type in what you’re looking for (ex. LBD) and you’ll get a stream of results from around the web. Click on the items you like and you’ll get to its site to purchase. You can also search by price, brand, color, size and more.
  3. Gilt – Get designer items for significantly less, but you have to act quickly. The sales are only a few days long at most and items go fast. It’s an addicting site as you’re always peeking for that next best buy. They also have deals on trips.
  4. Shop It To Me – Select from a giant list of your favorite brands and get a weekly email of the deals around those designers. The email comes on Wednesdays, giving hump day an added bonus. Plus, it’s more about sales than deals, so unless the merchandise gets sold, the sales tend to stick around for a while.
  5. Ideeli – Get limited time deals from a smaller pool of merchandise. The smaller size makes it easy to peruse and the prices are often reasonable.
  6. HauteLook – New, limited time deals pop up every morning making this site addicting and intriguing. I don’t use it as much as the others since it is quite similar to Ideeli and Gilt, but if you’re not finding what you want on those sites, this is another great option.
  7. Etsy – If you fear that online shopping doesn’t allow you to spend locally, then visit this site. Etsy brings very-very small businesses to the forefront and you can even search by your hometown. They also have deals and sales both on the site and shared via email.
  8. Rue La La – Get private boutique-style sales for a limited time with offerings in fashion, accessories, footwear, home, travel, wine, gourmet food, local services, and more. They partner with some great brands.
  9. Amazon Deal of the Day – I find myself going to Amazon for many household, general needs. Frontline for the dog, a new pepper grinder, socks, etc. I check the deals for that fun splurge. It makes buying socks a little more interesting.
  10. Pinterest – While not an ecommerce site (yet), I find myself using it like ShopStyle. I search for items of interest (lately it’s been maternity clothes), pin my favorites and visit their sites. Following boards of relevant pinners makes the job even easier. The next time I visit the site, more maternity pins will display in my feed.

Many of these sites also have iPhone apps, making it even easier to shop (and often keeping me up at night). And while some are membership only, it’s relatively easy to get that golden ticket. Plus the appeal of being a member with private access to deals makes it even more desirable.

What other sites do you use to shop for deals online? Which of these are your favorites and why?


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