Social Media JobsGone are the days of simply emailing your resume and cover letter and getting a call back. You need to be creative in your approach to job seeking. After speaking last week at the University of Hartford to students and watching their eyes light up and widen at the thought of working in social media, I had to help.

So here are some of the tactics I’ve used and/or seen that have really worked. And as you’d expect, much of them utilize social media.

Talk to relatives, friends and neighbors. You never know who works in your field and can hook you up with a contact or even a job. So what if that person used to babysit you? Who cares if you mowed their lawn every summer? Times have changed and you’re ready to talk business. They’ll be eager to talk about what they do.

Use Twitter to the max. There are plenty of Twitter chats and Twitter handles to follow that list and discuss job openings. But don’t stop there. Once you see the job opportunity, tweet at the company with that specific job opening. If they are using social media, they’ll see it and respond back. Start conversations with those Twitter handles and connect with their employees on Twitter. And when the recruiter looks for you on these channels, they’ll see you’re already connected to their employees!

Do more than connect via LinkedIn. LinkedIn has tons of discussion boards and groups on topics in your field. And the people who run those discussions are working business people. Don’t know what to say? Ask questions. Once they start seeing you in the discussions, they’ll gladly connect with you. Now you have a growing network.

Blog about it. Create your own blog that analyzes and addresses topics in your desired field, such as the latest marketing news or dissecting an ad campaign. Make your blog your hub and link to it in your social channels, such as in your Twitter profile. Share your latest posts in your social channels too. If you see a specific job, write a post about why you’d be a good fit and share the post with the company.

Here is my favorite example of someone using online media in a creative way to get attention. And it worked.

Do you have some tips to breaking through in the cluttered job-seeking space? Share your ideas! My next post is about cleaning up your act on social media in order to have the best presence for recruiters.


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