The ABCs of Social Media
Parker Grey Nelson

I am officially on maternity leave, after having my first baby on 4/15. Before Parker Grey Nelson made his debut, I spent my final days in the office cramming in all my social media projects. And amongst Braxton Hicks contractions, goodbyes with coworkers and thoughts of labor, it was not an easy task.

In one of my last meetings, we were talking social media and babies. The idea of the ABCs of Social Media was born.

A is for avatar

B is for blog

C is for Salesforce Chatter

D is for Digg and Delicious

E is for Evernote

F is for Facebook

G is for Google+

H is for hashtag

I is for iPhone app

J is for Jason Falls

K is for Klout

L is for LinkedIn

M is for mobile

N is for network

O is for online

P is for Pinterest

Q is for Quora

R is for retweet

S is for StumbleUpon

T is for Twitter

U is for user

V is for Vimeo

W is for WordPress

X is for Xanga

Y is for YouTube

Z is for Zooomer

Hope you enjoyed these ABCs and feel free to add your own!


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