Facebook UpdateFacebook is an ideal social media spot for sharing your life adventures via a slew of pictures, videos and status updates. With my latest chapter being the birth of my son Parker, I’ve been using Facebook more than ever to invite my friends to join this exciting journey. In doing so, I’ve increased my engagement more than ever before.

Understandably the birth of a baby is going to get more likes and comments that your average check in or lunchtime status update. But there are learnings here that don’t involve sappy baby shots.

Pictures are worth 1,000 comments. You’re more likely to get comments and likes on photos than on standard status updates. Visuals are just more appealing overall. Plus they pop more on a friend’s wall.

Facebook Images

Closed captioning. Write a caption on your image to get the conversation going. Use it to explain the image, add humor or ask a question.

Facebook Humor

Tag! You’re it. Tag your friends in the photos. This may seem straightforward and obvious, but I always find pictures of myself that I’m not tagged in. This will grab your friends’ attention and they’ll very likely engage with you. If you want to get someone’s attention, tag them in a photo. They don’t have to be featured in it to be tagged!

Facebook Tagging

What other ways do you generate more Facebook engagement? Share your tips here – no babies required!


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