I love eggs sunny side up. The warm, gooey yolk center sits upon a soft bed of egg whites. When your fork breaks the yolk, its center oozes out, allowing you to dip and swirl your toast around.

Can I make this style of eggs? No. I suck at it.

Sunny Side Up Eggs

Sometimes I can keep the yolk runny but for the most part, it’s as cooked to death as my toast. Ketchup is its only hope but oftentimes that life raft has passed.

As I eat my barely edible breakfast, wishing and pretending it could be the dream meal I initially set out to create, I realize cooking sunny side up eggs is a lot like blogging. It takes patience and handcrafting to create something delicious to the eye and palette. The true skill lies in your ability to make people crave your work – whether it’s food or a blog.

While I’ve come to terms with my colossal breakfast failure, my desire to write great blog posts is as strong as ever. Putting my efforts there, here are some ways to excel at blogging.

  • Get your ingredients ready – your blog platform (wordpress, blogspot, etc.), topic, author, images, etc.
  • Get hot – start your post by grabbing readers, let them know what your topic is about
  • Have patience – carve out adequate time to write, include sources and edit
  • Watch it simmer – read over your post and see how it comes together, continue editing
  • Present it – launch that post on a beautiful platter…a social media marketing platter
  • Get a taste – watch how readers consume your post. Are they coming back for seconds?

What other tips can you think of relating food to blogging? If you can make a mean sunny side up egg, please share the recipe. I won’t give up yet!


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