The Glee ProjectWhile my little bundle has been my latest obsession, I have a second fixation. It is, admittedly, The Glee Project. Perhaps this is because I live for the stage. Or  because I love dressing my feet in tap shoes. Or due to the brilliance of the show’s creator, Mr. Ryan Murphy. I think it’s a bit of all three.

But here’s why the concept is smarter than the Valedictorian at McKinley High School.

The Glee Project is a realty show where anyone can audition to be on the FOX hit show, Glee. The top performers are selected for a full season of challenges and weekly eliminations. The winner gets a seven episode deal on Glee. Glee needs to cast new members anyway so why not open it to the masses and document the whole experience? Not only does that create a new, exciting show but it cross-promotes Glee. After all, you’re going to want to see the winner’s debut.

I create content for a living and here are ways the The Glee Project inspires me to think about my own work.

  • Cross promotion. Use one piece of content to promote another, such as cross-linking your website or blog
  • Share existing content. Take the work you’re already doing (presentations, case studies, etc.) and share it with the world
  • Create something new. Just like Ryan Murphy turned auditions into a TV show, take your content to new places. Showcase your customer stories as videos or webinars
  • Keep the story going. After watching The Glee Project, you get to know and love the winners and look forward to their appearance on Glee. Consider how you can establish relationships so your audiences gets to know and love you, i.e. reoccurring bloggers or your CEO having a prominent public voice

Perhaps these different ideas and approaches can inspire your next content creation. Share your ideas here and let your GLEEk flag fly!


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