My son turned three months old this past Sunday. Over this time, he went from being as mobile as a plate full of jello to kicking like a soccer player on 17 cans of Red Bull. It’s amazing how a baby can grow and change in this time period. So I starting thinking about how the social media world changes over three months. Here’s what I learned.

In three months time…

  • Pinterest traffic doubles (source)
  • iPad 2 reaches three million in sales (source)
  • South Africa will send more than 5M tweets (source)
  • One user will spend 35 hours on Facebook (source)
  • 50% of blogs will be abandoned (source)
  • 53% of Internet users in the Netherlands will use social media (source)
  • 270 pieces of Facebook content will be created by one person (source)

The world of social media changes as often as a dirty diaper. What will the next three months bring?


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