My little guy

The shrill of my baby crying gets my stomach twisting, turning and dropping faster than a hundred Sun Salutations from my yoga instructor. As parents, we do everything we can to keep a smile on our baby’s face and the eye-twitching screams at bay. In many ways, we nurture our social media presence the same way, both personally and professionally. Here’s what I mean.

Keeping a positive face

Whether you’re a parent or not, a happy baby can brighten any mood. As a brand or even with your own Facebook page, the same concept applies. Sure, each day isn’t always puppies and rainbows but ranting negatively can affect how you’re perceived by your peers, customers and fellow brands. If I’m having a rough day, I’ll be a reader versus contributor, create neutral posts or take a break from social media altogether.

Staying present

Babies need you at every moment and so does social media. It is just as much a living, breathing thing that needs just as much attention. Otherwise, for brands, your competition will pass you by. Personally, it could be a missed opportunity for connecting with others.

Avoiding mishaps and stumbles

Babies are clumsy. As they learn to crawl and walk, trips and falls are inevitable. But they get right back up and try again. We all make mistakes – especially in social media. We say things we shouldn’t, miss things we shouldn’t, ignore things we shouldn’t, etc. I try to learn from my mistakes and avoid them next time. And I always get back on my feet.

Showing your underwear

My newborn has no shame – he’ll air his dirty laundry all day long. Transparency is so important in social media. It’s about being open and fearless. Admit errors, share secrets and be yourself. It will make for a more fun experience and your friends, fans and followers will appreciate you more.

Nurture your social media presence and watch it thrive. Feel free to share how you see the similarities between caring for a little one and social media. After all, they grow up so fast, don’t they?


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