My Border Collie, Cooper

There are many reasons that social media is my favorite form of marketing. Over television, radio, print, outdoor, guerilla, etc., social media creates connections between people. It’s not about blasting your message to the masses but rather creating conversation and enabling anyone to share a message.

I love meeting new people and establishing new connections and recently, I’ve done just that with my love for border collies and Twitter.

Plus there are plenty of videos, people and pictures about border collies.

Recently, I learned of a new organization looking to create a border collie rescue in California. Without Twitter and social media, this connection never would have occurred.

We talked and shared.

I’ve learned of some great sites about the breed, including Dog with Blog and Border Collie Bistro.

By sharing my passion for border collies in social media, my friends and followers get to know me better. Sure, I use social media for business purposes but adding a splash of personality creates interest and shows the human behind the avatar. Don’t be afraid to do the same! We can still be friends if you prefer cats. 😉

What examples can you share re: how social media establishes two-way conversations and connections?


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