mommy bloggersI love mommy bloggers. As a new mom, their helpful posts are a go-to resource next to Dr. Google and my pediatrician Uncle. But as a new mom and a blogger, I’m often asked why I’m not blogging about my kid or about Mommy-hood. The reason? That spurred this blog post.

Reason #1: My blog already has a focus.

If I refocus this blog to be about my life as a mother, I’ll lose part of the audience that’s interested in my original content. A blog is set up with a certain topic or theme and your audience expects that. So whatever your topic, stick to it. Veering off will make the blog disjointed and could result in losing some of your readers.

Reason #2: It’s a saturated market.

There are 3.9 million mommy blogs. When choosing a blog topic, consider what’s already out there. In this case, there are plenty of mommy blogs, so why add to the noise? It’s harder to break through, find a unique point of view and become influencial in the space. Instead, find another topic of interest that hasn’t been tapped into yet and focus on that niche.

Reason #3: Write about what you know.

Since my college English courses I learned something that I’d keep with me forever: write about what you know. Creating content is so much easier when you don’t have to try so hard to be an expert. I know about my life experiences and how the media and communications world plays a role. But mommy-hood after a year? I think I need a bit more time.

For businesses, consider how these reasons could impact your blog. Are you focused on one theme, is it a niche topic and are you an expert in it?

I did mention that I love mommy blogs so I have to share my current favorite, Reasons my Son is Crying.


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