How to Keep Blogging
Will this houseplant live as long as my blog?

I recently responded to a comment on my blog from Kaylee about how to keep focus in order to regularly write great posts. Like Kaylee, you might want to blog well and blog often, but oftentimes our blogs get less attention than our houseplants. Like a Jillian Michaels’ workout routine, how do you keep up a blogging regiment?

I have a few tips and tricks.

Allocate time to blog every week. Take an hour on a Sunday to do nothing but blog. Go to a private space at home or at a local coffee shop to focus on creating content. If you hit a wall, move on. Next Sunday will be here soon enough. This also helps you launch your posts at a specific time each week, which gets the regiment more precise.

Have a place to capture ideas on hand. Whether it’s a notepad or Siri, have a way to write down blog ideas or topics on the fly. That will help you when you sit down at Starbucks to blog.

Get folks to sign up for your blog. You’re more likely to write when there are subscribers of your blog. They may not be waiting by their email for your post, but they will forget about you if you blog infrequently. And if they like your blog, they’ll encourage others to sign up too.

Choose the right topic. The topic or theme of your blog should be broad enough for unlimited posts but intriguing enough to always inspire you to write (and readers to read).

Treat blogging as a way to get away. Blogging shouldn’t be in the same camp as vacuuming or walking the dog. It’s a fun experience that enables creativity and social growth. So while you may have a set time and regiment to blog, remember to have fun and walk away if it’s causing you stress.

What other ways do you keep up with your blog? Share your ideas and comments here.


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