Blogging with a Schedule
Stay on top of blogging with a calendar. An hour a week is all you need to start.

I’ve always been a writer and blogging is one of my favorite creative outlets. My college focus was creative writing and news reporting, and blogging was a natural writing outlet. With my personal life focused on my one-year-old, my border collie and my husband and my work life all about content marketing, I find that blogging helps organize all of it. Here’s how and feel free to steal any ideas.

Blog Topics & Categorizing

Blog categories create structure. Each post you write must fall into one of the categories you’ve created. If not, you can either 1) create a new category or 2) leave it uncategorized. Either way, this is a clear message that your blog post is not on topic. And that leads you down the road of an unorganized blog. That gives your audience mixed messages and a less likely chance for a returning reader. Staying on topic builds that loyal fan base as well as helps you become the authority on your topic. How does this affect my life? My blog is a blend between my personal experiences and the world of media. As I live my life and think about the blog posts I will be creating each week, I work to stay in line with my theme.

Choosing my weekly topic, like categorizing, must be in line with the theme of my blog. And by tying my blog theme to my life, it’s easy to come up with my weekly topic. In addition, I look at what I’ve written about in the past and that helps me get creative. What have I not covered and can I apply those experiences to my life in order to have something new to write about? If I haven’t traveled in a while, where can I go that will give me some classic family time as well as a great blog post?

Blog Scheduling

As I mentioned in my last post, I follow a schedule to ensure my blog stays updated. I blog on the weekend, typically Sundays, for an hour. If I can’t get a post out in that time, I skip it. I ensure my blogging experience is fun and a creative outlet and I never let stress work its way in. By sticking to this time frame and schedule, I know I’ll have a creative moment to myself to write however I want. It’s something I look forward to and helps me organize my weekends.

Blog Images

As I shared in this post, according to Jeff Bullas, articles with images get 94% more views. Using my photos on my blog not only supports my points and shows personality, but it drives more views. I think about this as I take photos in my life. What photos can I take for future posts? What existing posts can be better with my photos? Work your personality into your blog and work your blog photos into your life. See this post from SXSW, which lets my photos tell the story.

As a business, consider how your blog topics and categorizes can fall into your main product/service areas in order to stay in line with your company’s offerings and what your customers expect. Many businesses use resources as a reason for not blogging, but allocating time to blogging a few hours a week goes a long way. Consider how you and your coworkers can plan a blog schedule around your work week. It’s actually a great lunch break. And take some pictures, too.

How does blogging help you stay organized? Share your ideas!


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