As of June 2013, there were 900,000 iphone apps and with health and fitness apps being one of the most popular categories, there are tons to choose from. With all these options, it’s worth trying your phone to help plan and track fitness routines and diet.

I’ve tried a number of apps and found that there is no perfect app for both fitness and diet, however, there are some good combinations out there, so here’s my pick.

RunKeeperRunKeeper for On-the-Move, Outdoor Workouts

RunKeeper tracks your hikes, walks, jogs and runs with GPS and based on time and distance, calculates your calorie burn. When you first download it, the app helps you reach a goal, such as a 5 or 10k. It will tell you when to run, for how long and even give you advice on the type of running to do. Once you reach that goal, you can continue to track your progress and get general reminders to get off your butt.

Whether I’m going for a hike, a walk with the kiddo or a morning run, the app is with me to track it all. And I really like that.

MyFitnessPalMyFitnessPal for Diet

I’m not dieting but I do like to track what I eat in order to stay healthy and manage my calories. This app has every food you can imagine with the calorie content alongside it, so whenever I have a meal, I track it here. The app calculates your daily calorie amount after you’ve entered your weight, age and height. You can also update this information and the calorie count will adjust.

Once I finish my workout (which you can also calculate here), that gets added to your overall calorie allotment and helps you plan your day. The app, along with RunKeeper, supports a healthy balance of diet and exercise to stay fit.

What apps do you use to stay healthy? Do you choose paid options or the freebies like me? Share your ideas here.


5 thoughts on “How My iPhone Keeps Me Healthy

  1. I am looking for A Mobile Application to control mobile’s usage will reduce mobile’s side effects. chk me.

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