blogging tipsSunday afternoons are the perfect time to blog. The kid and dog are napping, the husband is outside working and my laptop and I are free to have some quality time together. Sunday is also a great time of the week to blog. I can reflect on my experiences of the past week as well as prepare for the week ahead. So many ideas can brew from that concoction.

But this limited time slot can be used for other things, such as cleaning the house. Sure, some weekends I do decide to clean, or groom the dog, or go for a run, or join my husband outside to weed and pick up leaves. But what I really want to do is blog. Here’s why.

Blogging is Creative

I heard a great line at Connections 2013 from author Jim Collins, If you breath, you are creative. It’s what we are.” Blogging enables you to show your creativity. It’s creative writing, creative thinking and with vlogging and other forms of blogs, the creative options are endless.

Blogging is Educational

We all have an area of expertise and a blog gives you the power to share that. You can educate the world on your topics of interest, whether it’s patchwork or plumbing. Share your insights with the world – people will appreciate it and you’ll make more connections.

Blogging is Freedom

Whether you’re an individual or a brand, a blog is a place for transparency, personality and insight. It gives your audience an inside look at who you are as a person, which deepens relationships. So share your thoughts, fears and ideas. It’s an open forum.

Blogging is Social

By blogging, you’re creating more conversations and great content to share on your social channels. It also helps with SEO so search engines can associate you with your area of expertise.

I promised my husband that I’d clean this week, so while blogging is a great outlet for all the reasons above, I guess sometimes you have to wash a dish to two.


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Blog Instead of Cleaning Your House

  1. Could not have said it better myself. I have recently started to blog and I must agree it does all the above.

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