Me, Jeff Cohen and Hunter Boyle at MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2013.
Me, Jeff Cohen and Hunter Boyle at MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2013.

Social media, conferences and even our daily jobs pave the way for us to meet and interact with some amazing people in our industries. I’ve been lucky enough to travel for conferences and meetings this year, which opened the door for handshakes and conversations with people I admire most.

While the list of amazing content marketers is vast, this holiday I thought about the people I’ve known via Twitter, yet had the honor of meeting in person for the first time this year. Those interactions were unforgettable and so, whether you meet them in person on not, I recommend starting the conversation with a Twitter follow. Your holiday will be even brighter with the minds of these 12 people.

So grab some eggnog and your smartphone, because in no particular order, here’s the list.

Michael Brenner

Michael is not only a smart content and social media marketer, but he is excited and open to conversations about the industry. I’ve followed him on Twitter for years, so to meet at Content Marketing World 2013 was a true highlight. Follow Michael at @brennermichael.

Dianna Smith (Irreverent Sales Girl)

The Irreverent Sales Girl may be a salesperson, but she knows content marketing. We’ve been working together this year, and it was great to meet at Dreamforce 2013. Dianna is tapped into what salespeople need to do their job well and shares these insights with content that’s straightforward and helpful. Not only is she smart and passionate about her work, but she’s a lot of fun. Follow her at @isalesgirl.

Doug Kessler

I’ve seen Doug’s work in the world of Slideshare, and despite living across the pond, Twitter enabled us to like and share each other’s content. When I met him at MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2013, I was excited to hear him talk about those projects and gain insight that went far beyond reading his work. Follow him at @dougkessler.

Tim Washer

You’ll get a sense of his wit on Twitter and hearing him speak will certainly bring that to life. I had a chance to get to know him at MarketingProfs B2B Forum this year, and hearing his stories — from acting auditions to life at the office — was insightful and hilarious. Follow him at @timwasher.

Kyle Lacy

From tweets to webinars to in-person meetings, 2013 was a year of new conversations and collaboration for me and Kyle. He is just as smart and idea-centric as his tweets and definitely worth the follow at @kyleplacy.

Jeff Rohrs

I met Jeff in person before following him in Twitter, and now we can follow up and have future conversations online and off. He has many tweets stemming from his new book, Audience. Check him out at @jkrohrs.

Ann Handley

Ann is known as the Queen of Content Marketing, and I completely agree. From Twitter, to the stage, to in-person conversations, Ann is always full of stellar content ideas. She is helpful, smart and so much fun. Follow her at @annhandley and @marketingprofs.

Jay Baer

Jay’s phrases, such as, “always be helping”, are becoming the mantra of content marketing. He knows how to tweet, present and discuss this concept better than most. I had the chance to chat with him at Content Marketing World over the music of an 80s rock cover band. Classic. Follow him at @jaybaer.

Jesse Noyes

After meeting Jesse at Content Marketing World 2013, I learned that he doesn’t just understand content marketing, he lives and breathes it. I’m honored to collaborate with him and recommend you start some conversations with Jesse both online and off. Follow him at @noyesjesse.

William Tyree

Like the Irreverent Sales Girl, William is a successful content marketing salesperson. I worked with him this year and got to meet him at Dreamforce for the first time. It was great to chat about the work we’ve done together and what’s to come. Tap into his ideas, writing and knowledge by following him at @williamtyree.

Lee Odden

Lee Odden always brings fresh, exciting content to the table. I met him at Content Marketing World and enjoyed the time to regroup on the content we’ve created together. Follow him at @leeodden and @TopRank.

Hunter Boyle

Hunter and I connected at Content Marketing World and then MarketingProfs B2B Forum this year. Besides following him on Twitter for the great photos of AWeber’s in-office slides, he’s a content marketer, with smart ideas and blog content. Follow him at @hunterboyle.

There’s a long list of marketers I hope to meet in 2014 and no doubt it will be another exciting year. Share your favorite contacts on Twitter, the marketers you met this year, and those you look forward to meeting in 2014. Happy holidays and hope it’s full of great content marketing!

Note I have to make a small shout out to Jeff Cohen for the great photo and for always giving me the content marketing ideas and boosts I need. We didn’t meet for the first time this year, but he’s always at the top of my list.


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