social media motivationThe power of social media goes beyond connecting, sharing, amplifying and creating. It is a powerful motivator. Here’s how.


A few weeks ago I started using the Fitbit Flex to track my steps and boost my activity. I made my results public so I could compete against friends and openly share my progress. This pushed me to keep going and I surpassed my goal of 10,000 steps in the first few days, and even reached 16,000 steps by my second week.


I typically post to Facebook five or more times a week, but recently I went days without sharing. Friends and family started asking if I was all right. “We haven’t seen any new pictures of your son lately. Is everyone OK?” The fact that I use Facebook to connect and share, results in a need to keep it up.


I’ve been on LinkedIn more often than Twitter lately, as my new connections view my profile, send me messages and share content that interests me. With more of a focus on social media in the professional world, it’s critical to have your social profiles updated and representative of who you are.


Social media is all about sharing the content you create. I love writing, but before social media, my work would sit in journals in drawers or in Word docs on my hard drive. Now that we write in a world where people can see and share our work, I am motivated to create more and ensure it’s the best it can be.


Before the Internet and social media, we’d learn from books, teachers, mentors, friends and family. While this still holds true, we now have access to more books, teachers, mentors, friends and family than ever before and can find answers to questions with a few clicks.


Social media’s influence goes way beyond just you and me. 140 of the largest online charities saw a 35% in online charitable funding in one year due to social media. (Check out this infographic to see more.) This means that social media has the power to change the lives of people all over the world and it starts with a little motivation.

How has social media motivated you? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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