Image source:  Photo Connection of Colchester
Image source: Photo Connection of Colchester

The Internet is a valuable resource for research, connecting, sharing and discovering. It has helped me replace some unnecessary in-person experiences. For example, I haven’t been to a travel agent since I was 10. I go to the mall a few times a year, when in the ’90s, I went every weekend.

But some in-person experiences cannot be replaced no matter how hard the Internet tries. Yes, there are lawyers and doctors that fit in this realm, but I’m referring to service providers that are often swapped out for online apps and tools. To have the best outcome for yourself, in-person conversations and collaboration is crucial. Here’s what I mean.


There are plenty of great online tools to help you with your taxes (you might be using one right now), but I still choose my accountant. She understands my job, my husband’s business, our family set up, and can recommend the best items to claim and tactics to take to get an ideal return. She is a friend and lives in our town, which makes it easy to stop by and ask questions, drop off paperwork and sign forms. She also helps us throughout the year. No online tool is that valuable.

Financial Advisers

Our financial adviser comes to our house twice a year to ensure our financial situation is running smoothly. He helps us decide where and when to invest, how much we should be saving, and gives us projections for our retirement. While there are plenty of online apps to manage your finances, a regular, in-person visit from someone you trust is the best way to plan to your financial future.

Insurance Agencies

There are many great insurance agencies to help you find the best insurance for your car, home, rental, business, etc. However, oftentimes we shop around via online quotes and close the deal within an hour over the phone. By working with real, live insurance agents, you get the best policies for your needs. Plus, they’ll help you expand or change your policies as needed. It’s nice to stop shopping around ourselves and have the experts guide us.

It’s important to use the Internet to do your preliminary research and find the best resources for your needs. But consider how real conversations and expert advice can help, too.

What other services do you use in person versus online? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “The Service Providers That Cannot Be Replaced by the Internet

  1. Great post! I still like to shop in my local mom and pop shops, in particular the local independently owned hardware store. We have one of these where I live and I love it. I get what I need and catch up on the local gossip!

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