twitter tipsTwitter continues to be one of the main social channels for individuals and brands and there’s a big reason for that: Twitter has over 43 million monthly active users, and those user demographics are spread pretty evenly across age groups, according to eMarketer.

But with Facebook and Instagram as my dominant social channels for personal use, and LinkedIn for professional use, I use Twitter for both. And I don’t have a ton of time for that. Here are some of my Twitter tricks to contribute, stay engaged, and grow my followers while spending minimal time.

 1.Follow nearly everyone who follows you

This is a great way to demonstrate community and involvement, while growing your following. See, as you follow people back, you’re exposed to their conversations and their connections. That’s more people to follow, and more people to follow you back.

With that said, avoid following any users without profile bios, photos or real Twitter handles. Most of these are spam or inactive, and not worth the follow.

2. Unfollow regularly

Since you are following more people, you are bound to follow some accounts you wish you hadn’t connected with. Following more people increases your feed activity and with many more followers comes a pretty busy feed. In fact, it may be too busy to even keep up. This is another reason to clean house.

Some people prune regularly, but I choose to do it a few times a year. I use Manage Flitter to help me unfollow based on inactive users, number of followers, people who have unfollowed me, and many more.

3. Favorite a tweet for future reference

Whenever I see a tweet with a great link, quote or something I can use or reference later, I favorite the tweet (click on the star icon next to the tweet). When you’re on your Twitter homepage, you can access all your favorite tweets in one list. This is great if you don’t have time to retweet or respond to that tweet when you first see it. I also favorite great comments and conversations just to show appreciation and engage.

4. Try out new functionality

Like most social platforms, Twitter rolls out new features often. Remember when Vine launched? Whether it’s a small redesign or a new feature (like the latest social image addition), test it out when it launches. This shows your interest in social, starts conversations with other users and it’s just plain fun. I follow the Twitter blog to learn the latest.

5. Check your notifications first

Since I use a number of social channels, I don’t always have time to read my Twitter feed. I set notifications on my phone as well as check the notification feed before I do anything else on Twitter. This shows me the latest engagement around my account, including mentions, retweets, favorites and follows. It’s a good way to see the latest, most important conversations around your Twitter handle. You should respond and engage with these first before checking your regular feed.

What other tips and tricks do you use on Twitter?


2 thoughts on “5 Really Fast Twitter Tricks

    1. That’s a great point. I don’t use twitter lists so I didn’t mention them, but I think they are a really helpful way to focus and cull through the clutter. Thanks for sharing!

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