Spring Social MediaSpring is here and coming from New England, I couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been nailed with snowstorms this season so I’m thrilled about the fresh blades of grass, the budding branches, and the flocking birds.

Using social media everyday, I love to document my experiences of Spring as well as find things to do outside. Here are some ways that I do it.


  1. Post Spring photos on Instagram
  2. Check in with Foursquare to parks, playgrounds and hiking trails
  3. Join local Facebook groups to find nearby events or talk about the weather
  4. Follow community leaders and web properties on Twitter to find or suggest events
  5. Sign up for EventBrite notifications for relevant events
  6. Follow and use top hasthags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram like #spring, #blossom or even #flowerporn
  7. Write blog posts while sitting outside (I’m doing that right now!)
  8. Share your new blog posts on LinkedIn
  9. Use a pedometer or tracker like FitBit to get outside and challenge your friends
  10. Go geocaching and join the online community
  11. Find an allergy-tracking app to stay healthy outside
  12. Spring clean your social media profiles: update your bios and photos, unfollow unwanted users, update your LinkedIn profile, etc.
  13. Use the beautiful Spring backdrop for a new avatar, Facebook cover photo, Twitter background or gravatar
  14. Shoot a Vine of your budding backyard
  15. Download a new app to track your outdoor activities, such as Runkeeper or Runcoach
  16. Put the phone down! Go an hour without using social media to truly enjoy the world around you

What other ways do you use social media to enjoy Spring?


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