motivationMotivation can come from anywhere. Recently, I have been motivated and inspired by friends that have pushed themselves to places that many do not venture to go. Their hardworking yet humble mentalities boost my awe and excitement. Whether they know it or not, they inspire me to push myself each and every day. Here are their stories, which I hope inspire you, too.

My Neighbor and His Two Marathons in Two Months

My neighbor ran the Hartford Marathon on October 11th on a whim. He was prepping for the NYC Marathon, happening as I write this post, and saw the opportunity to run Hartford as well. Perhaps he saw it as good practice, but no matter what, it takes dedication and motivation to take that leap.

Takeaway: Take chances and try new things. You never know what you’ll achieve.

My Classmate and Her First Marathon

I recently became friends with a fellow tapper in my dance class. I found out she enjoyed running, so we started running together. She told me she was training for her first marathon, and I was inspired to help, so I ran with her during her initial training. She kept training hard, even missing some dance classes to focus on the marathon. In early October, she finished the race.

Takeaway: Establish your goal and take it one step at a time.

My Best Friend and Her Natural, Home Birth

While home birth and natural birth are commonplace in other countries, in America, they are rarities. My best friend naturally and calmly had her first child in the comfort of her own home, with her husband and midwives by her side. She did not worry about the norm. She focused on her baby and a way to bring him into the world that was the best for her and her family. Both mom and baby are healthy and happy.

Takeaway: Find the motivation from within and focus there.

My Dear Friend and her 70-Pound Weight Loss

My friend of nearly 20 years has always struggled with weight. She recently found her life partner, and with a wedding on the way, and a baby as her dream, she sought to lose weight. Her doctors helped her with surgery, but she was the only one who could truly lose the weight. Within the first four months, she lost over 70 pounds. Her goal of 100 pounds is not far away.

Takeaway: You are the only one that can truly make it happen.

My Husband and his Own Business

My husband left his full-time production company job nearly two years ago to pursue his own, cinematography and editing business. I was ready and excited to support him throughout the journey, but he didn’t need me. His business grows each month, and he has exciting clients and projects everyday. His dedication and passion for his work is infectious, and his tireless efforts have helped his business grow to new and exciting heights. He loves what he does for a living, and that only feeds into his work.

Takeaway: Do what you love and work hard at it.

My College Friend and his Shoulder and Brain Surgeries

A happy, healthy, successful friend of mine recently experienced two seizures, which turned out to be the result of a brain tumor. The seizures caused a fall that broke both of his shoulders. He needed surgery for his shoulders, as well as surgery for the removal of the brain tumor. He shared his story each and every day on Facebook, and on a custom site he built during his recovery. Not only is he miraculously recovering and now returning to work, but he’s built an online journal in the process. He is truly unstoppable.

Takeaway: Make the most of the situations life throws at you. Never give up.

My Young Friend who was Pregnant with Breast Cancer

A few years ago, my happy, healthy, younger friend was excited about getting pregnant and having her first child. During her pregnancy, she found out she had breast cancer. The process to remove the cancer was challenging, given that most medications would not be acceptable while pregnant. She knew she had to get through it to have her baby. She embraced her situation. She had a head shaving party. She shared her experience through online journals. She fought everyday. Today, her baby is three years old, and my friend is happy and healthy again.

Takeaway: Push forward and fight with everything you’ve got.

Who are the people in your life that inspire you? Do you have an inspirational story to share?


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