12360378_10100822165196430_5496946330617980463_nThis is my last post of 2015. As I reflect on the posts I’ve written and the experiences I’ve had this year, I’ve realized that 2015 was a year of firsts. And there are a lot of learnings from that.

It was the first time my back didn’t bug me, since I spent more time running, stretching, and listening to my body. (I also picked up the ever-painful-yet-super-rewarding art of foam rolling.)

It was the first time my brother really, truly asked for my help, and it was for his engagement. I felt honored as I was tasked with holding the ring, and getting him to the location for the big proposal moment. I succeeded at both tasks, although more than once, I pranced around with the ring on my pinky, because I’m still his sister, after all.

It was the first time the stars aligned and I was able to hire the right person for the right job at the right moment. I helped him, and he helped me, and together, we’re unstoppable at our jobs.

It was the first time I landed my dream job, and I knew going into the experience that it would be my dream job. I guess it was also the first time that I was so certain of a job that I had to go for it. And I did. First.

It was the first time I reunited with someone I hadn’t seen since I started this blog, and we picked up exactly where we left off.

Based on these experiences, here are four major ruminations, or takeaways to think about for 2016.

Rally with your best friends

My brother involved me in his engagement plans from day one. I didn’t ask or expect this, but I was honored and excited to be there for him. From ring ideas to insurance coverage, I answered his questions and offered advice. When the big day came, it was truly special, not only because he asked the woman he loved to marry him, but because he wanted others to be a part of it. As she said yes, and the confetti canons boomed with color (yes, they had confetti canons), I realized that my brother had really grown up. And now, despite being siblings, we were best friends.

Hire those you trust

Whether you’re looking for a job or hiring someone for the job, trust must be a factor. Do you trust the person you’re hiring? Do you trust the company you’re applying for? With trust by your side, it’s much easier to make the right decision. This year, I took a new job and hired a former colleague. Both decisions were based on trust. I trust the company I work for, since I worked there previously. I trust this new hire because we’ve worked together before. Now 2016 is about innovating, not questioning.

Listen more than ever before

I’ve had a back injury since high school, and it first showed its ugly head in 2008, resulting in my first major flare up and an emergency hospital visit. After that, back pain was as frequent as flossing. It consumed me, and I was afraid of being active or else my back would punish me. After having my son and starting to feel my back tweaking again (not to mention another debilitating flare up in 2013 resulting in hospitalization), I knew I needed to stop the madness. I started listening to my body. Running helped, massage helped, stretching helped. Doing too much didn’t help. By listening, I was able to find a good balance of exercise and rest. By listening, I was able to make 2015 the year of a pain-free back. It was the first time I was pain free since 2008.

Reunite with old friends

We meet new people at work, while traveling, and even in our own town. I’ve become close with new friends this year, and I’m so thankful for that. However, old friends can bring even more to the table. With past experiences and memories, there’s only exciting new conversations to have and create. I recently reconnected with an old friend, and it’s been great. We both work in the same industry, and know a lot of the same people, so we relate on a number of topics. It’s a nice balance between old and new, work and life, history and the future. Facebook is the highlights of life; it’s not reality. By actually talking and meeting up with the people that you’ve only seen on social media for the past few years, you get such a bigger and better picture.


I’m a forward-thinking, glass-half-full person, but I also like to look back and learn from mistakes and successes. Hello, 2016, if you’re anything think 2015, it’s going to be the best year yet.


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