I have traveled for work since before my son was born, and as he quickly approaches the ever-inquisitive age of four, he’s starting to ask many questions about my travel. “When you go to California, do you get California rolls?” “Do you take an airplane to get there?” “Do I work at Salesforce, too?”

Without bringing him along, I wanted my son to experience my travels. Apparently, he did too. He approached me before my latest trip with a small toy tiger. “Mama, bring Tiger to California with you. I want Tiger to see it.” I was honored to take on this task, but I wanted him to experience what Tiger was going to experience. That’s where the beauty of instant communication comes into play. By documenting my trip in pictures, with Tiger along for the ride, my son would be able to experience California in the moment.

So Tiger came to California.

He rode on the airplane.


He got stuck in Vegas when a short layover turned into a four hour ordeal (at least there were slot machines).


He sat on my hotel balcony, looking out at the Embarcadero.


He went to the Salesforce offices.


And had some avocado toast (a first for both of us, and boy is it good!).


He saw the palm trees.


Touched the top of the Golden Gate.


And rode back home.


I sent the pictures to my husband and Daycare as I took them, and their response was nearly immediate. They sent pictures back, commented on Tiger’s experiences, and stayed more connected to me than any business trip before.


It was a rewarding experience to document this for my son, with the lens of a four-year-old at the forefront.

Embrace technology, stay connected, and make the most of every experience. When you do, both humans and toy tigers can have an amazing time, and it can turn the reality of being thousands of miles away, into being right there by your side.


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