Today marks one year working at Salesforce AppExchange, the business app store for Salesforce. It’s a blast — an ecosystem of customers, employees, partners and apps — all coming together to make something amazing. We’re all working toward a greater experience with the use of technology.

I’ve met remarkable people — from partners, to customers, to employees — and I cannot wait for year two. But as part of working in tech, talking about tech, and marketing tech, I also use tech…a lot of it. Here’s a look at some of the technology I’m using nearly everyday — personally and professionally — and how it’s reshaping my day-to-day job for the better.

1. Canva

As a writer (not a designer) and someone who needs to create visual content on the fly, Canva is my go-to solution. Canva makes design simple for everyone…even me. I love it for Tweets, Facebook posts, Slideshare, presentations and blog imagery.

2. SalesforceIQ

My email got a makeover with SalesforceIQ. This email add-on proposes meeting times, schedules emails, creates email templates to re-use, and pushes contacts and updates into Salesforce.

3. Move Coach

For those who know me, competition is my middle name, especially when it comes to running. Move Coach keeps you posted on how you stack up against friends, family, coworkers and more. With prizes and leaderboards, it’s a great way to keep you moving.

4. Social Studio

I’ve been working in social media marketing for five years, and this has always been my platform for social listening and reporting. Over the past few years, I’ve started using it for social publishing and scheduling. With workflows for approvals, sharing content across teams, and escalating posts quickly and easily, it’s necessary for all social media teams.

5. Uberflip

As a content marketer creating content across multiple platforms, I’ve wanted to use Uberflip for a few years now. It’s an aggregator that cleanly and easily pulls all of your content into one place for your audience to easily digest.

6. Amazon

Whether it’s sending gifts or finding funny hats for a photo booth, Amazon is a great resource. They recently rolled out Amazon Giveaways so marketers can launch promotions and incentive programs all through the website (I want to try it!).

7. Chatter

Communication is key — especially when you work remotely. Salesforce Chatter has been the number one way I keep in touch and stay connected with Salesforce employees. When I meet people in person, I often hear “I recognize you from Chatter.” There’s no better way to market your marketing efforts.

7. Google Hangout

Speaking of communication and being remote, I could not have a strong relationship and get projects done as effectively without video conferencing. Google Hangout are easy to start up via GChat, and it’s easy to add to a meeting in GCal. I highly recommend using your webcam no matter what solution you utilize (Skype, GoTo Meeting, etc.) because it’s the next best thing to face-to-face conversations.

8. Trailhead

Course training has completely changed with Trailhead from Salesforce. It’s a fun way to not only learn Salesforce, but to learn how to be a better manager, marketer and coworker. I enjoy spending a quiet morning on some trails and earning my badges.

9. Success Community

Working in customer marketing, the ideal way to connect with our audience is by spending them where they are. In my case, it’s communities. Communities, such as the Salesforce Success Community, brings together customers to share ideas, ask questions and find resources. I learn from customers there, and I can help them, too.


It’s much cleaner to shorten your links when promoting pages and content on social media, and makes that very easy. You can create custom Bit.lys and links, so your promotion efforts can tie nicely to your brand or program. Plus, it comes with analytics to see how your links perform.

11. GetFeedback

From forms to polls, I use GetFeedback often. I enjoy how easy it is to create beautiful, customizable surveys. Plus, it’s responsive for use on multiple devices, and if you’re creating a similar survey from the past, you can clone past surveys. My only gripe is the inability to view the backend from any device. Results and responses are only accessible on a computer.

12. GoToWebinar

I am always working on a webinar, and GoToWebinar has been my go-to solution for the past five years. It’s easy to launch webinars, and more importantly, most people are familiar and comfortable with it to speak and/or attend.

While there are many more apps, platforms, programs and tech on my list, this is a good sampling of what I’ve used regularly over the past year. What tech are you using to expand your marketing programs? Share your thoughts here, and let me know what you think of this list.



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