This Gal

headshotAmanda Nelson specializes in content marketing but has a background in community management, account management and writing. She has worked on all facets of advertising from interactive and social to traditional media for nationals and local brands. With social media and content creation as her special interests, she is Senior Manager of AppExchange Content and Community at Salesforce. Amanda is a published author of The SaaS Startup Founder’s Guide volumes 1 and 2.

Follow her on Twitter (@amandalnelson) and connect on LinkedIn.

Amanda lives in Connecticut with her Emmy-winning husband, Tom, their border collie, Cooper, and their son, Parker Grey.

Her thoughts are her own.


2 thoughts on “This Gal”

  1. Dear Mrs Nelson,

    I’m actually in a Buisness School in Geneva.
    We are looking for our keynote speaker, for our annual and-of-the-year event, to be held next spring.
    Could you please send us your tarifs for a one hour intervention?
    We will of course cover all your travel expenses.

    Yours faithfully.
    Michel Kevin

    1. My apologies for not seeing this until now, however, my speaking engagements are typically in US and Canada. Feel free to send the link and I might be able to recommend someone for the future.

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