I Found the Best Volunteering Activity and It’s with My Dog

Learn how I found the more rewarding activity that combined volunteering and my dog.


Inspirational People Who Will Make You Work Harder

Motivation can come from anywhere. Recently, I have been motivated and inspired by friends that have pushed themselves to places that many do not venture to go. Their hardworking yet humble mentalities boost my awe and excitement. Whether they know it or not, they inspire me to push myself each and every day. Here are their stories, which I… Continue reading Inspirational People Who Will Make You Work Harder

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My Pinteresting Obsession

Jen, aka @sophieandlili, is a trendy, doll-making, advice-giver with more ideas than sewing needles. She  introduced me to the highly-addicting world of Pinterest. (Thanks for the new obsession, Jen. At least it spawned a pretty blog post.) It all stemmed from wanting to design my home office. I started a Google doc and shared it… Continue reading My Pinteresting Obsession


Inspirations of the World

By now, we've established that I'm a nerd, especially when it comes to media and advertising. No shame in calling that one out. So when I was thinking about the inspirations that gas up my nerd brain, one site in particular has recently served as my routine station of nerd-enriched supply. Ads of the World… Continue reading Inspirations of the World

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Blogger’s Inspiration

You may say I'm overly inspired. I get it from friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and nearly every website I visit. And so, I've recently been inspired to write about the blogs that inspire me. Onextrapixel certainly showcases web treats, as it alludes. This weblog touts the most relevant and unique websites. The site was started… Continue reading Blogger’s Inspiration