12 Months of Marketing Technology

Today marks one year working at Salesforce AppExchange, the business app store for Salesforce. It's a blast — an ecosystem of customers, employees, partners and apps — all coming together to make something amazing. We're all working toward a greater experience with the use of technology. I've met remarkable people — from partners, to customers, to… Continue reading 12 Months of Marketing Technology


How Social Media Changed the Way I Shop

The way I shop today is completely different from my shopping experience during my teenage years. I used to walk the malls for hours every Saturday. I would window shop while swinging shopping bags each containing a garment or two. Today, the mall is a distant memory. I haven't held a shopping bag in years.… Continue reading How Social Media Changed the Way I Shop


5 Inspirational Social Media Professors to Follow

When I was in college, the closest thing to social media was Hot or Not. And while times have changed and Hot or Not is...well...not hot, plenty of other social networks are looking pretty good. Today, social media has not only changed the way I connect and learn, but it has been my occupation for… Continue reading 5 Inspirational Social Media Professors to Follow

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Why Social Media is the Best Motivator

The power of social media goes beyond connecting, sharing, amplifying and creating. It is a powerful motivator. Here's how. Competing A few weeks ago I started using the Fitbit Flex to track my steps and boost my activity. I made my results public so I could compete against friends and openly share my progress. This… Continue reading Why Social Media is the Best Motivator


5 Motivating Tips about the Fitbit Flex

It was time to track my steps. I have been monitoring my daily jogs, my calories, my GPS location, my time at work, my son’s height and weight and many, many more quantifiable aspects of my everyday life. Much of it was tied into social media so all my friends knew this information, too. And… Continue reading 5 Motivating Tips about the Fitbit Flex

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Online Dating Marries Offline Dating

Many of my weekends this past summer included baby showers, bridal showers and weddings. What's interesting is how social media helped initiate these celebrations of momentous milestones. Online Dating: Mingles and Matches With my Christian friend's religious prerequisites, she tried out Christian Mingles. After six months of inseparable moments between her and her new boyfriend,… Continue reading Online Dating Marries Offline Dating